Last 10 Announcement's

03-10-2011 07:36:40
Game Date: 27-10-0028
God: Server going down...
03-10-2011 07:36:37
Game Date: 27-10-0028
radu: The server will be restarted now, please come abck in 5-10 minutes
03-10-2011 07:34:44
Game Date: 27-10-0028
radu: Server restart in 1 minute
03-10-2011 07:12:27
Game Date: 27-10-0028
radu: server update in about 20 minutes
02-10-2011 14:38:17
Game Date: 24-10-0028
Thyralax: Ohh dear im lost, all alone & wolves are after me. Find me cowering on a pk map & i will give you a prize for not killing me before i run away to another!
01-10-2011 23:44:49
Game Date: 22-10-0028
Thyralax: Ohhh my! The last of the fleeing monsters will arrive in Bethel in 5 mins and they dont look like the sort that are looking to make new friends so beware.
01-10-2011 23:29:32
Game Date: 22-10-0028
Thyralax: second wave is arriving in bethel now!
01-10-2011 23:12:52
Game Date: 21-10-0028
Thyralax: The first of the retreating monsters are reaching Bethel Now! Beware they will get progressively stronger!
01-10-2011 22:57:31
Game Date: 21-10-0028
Thyralax: The invaders have been forced to retreat into Bethel! They will begin arriving in 10 mins (For the brave, insane and the sensible archers)
01-10-2011 22:52:00
Game Date: 21-10-0028
Thyralax: Armed orcs are rounding up lions in Hurquin.