Last 10 Announcement's

12-10-2011 02:41:46
Game Date: 02-12-0028
Selain: Bren found me and won the Life Essences, I was in EP
12-10-2011 02:31:24
Game Date: 02-12-0028
Selain: there is a time limit of 20 mins to find me
12-10-2011 02:29:13
Game Date: 02-12-0028
Selain: Invasion contest, The first person to find me on C2 will win 1k Life essences
12-10-2011 01:19:34
Game Date: 01-12-0028
Selain: C2 invasion in 5 mins!
12-10-2011 01:11:04
Game Date: 01-12-0028
Wizzy: C2 invasion in 15mins, no caps!
12-10-2011 01:04:53
Game Date: 01-12-0028
Wizzy: Invasion will start in ~25mins.
12-10-2011 01:04:29
Game Date: 01-12-0028
Wizzy: The moon is turning RED! By request, Ebul C2 invasion, no caps
10-10-2011 08:54:20
Game Date: 25-11-0028
Burn: Gotta have the gc? Buy 5kgc Lottery Tickets from the NPC Tombolarul in Grahms Village, White Stone, just outside the tavern!
08-10-2011 22:58:06
Game Date: 19-11-0028
Acelon: It seems the crazy Goddess known as Lucaa spawned dozen of shy rats in the c2 portals.
08-10-2011 22:46:57
Game Date: 19-11-0028
Acelon: The cap is removed on Desert Pines