Last 10 Announcement's

15-10-2011 02:10:53
Game Date: 13-12-0028
Usl: "Your wishes will be carried through, Sir. I agree, weakening the enemy in the long run is the best strategy, Sir. No more reinforcements, understood."
15-10-2011 02:10:38
Game Date: 13-12-0028
Usl: "Sir, of course Sir, I understand you are bored now. Yes, hunting is an excellent pastime, Sir. Err... what shall we do with the armies on Irilion, Sir?"
15-10-2011 02:03:24
Game Date: 13-12-0028
Usl: "Sir, all our forces are in place. Our secret headquarter is established, and all troops are now in place. Ready to crush their 'empire' at your order!"
15-10-2011 01:29:22
Game Date: 13-12-0028
Usl: "Hail my General! The SEAL teams succeeded in distracting our enemies; the main force is now taking position for the siege of that fortress!"
15-10-2011 01:03:37
Game Date: 13-12-0028
Usl: "Bulletin #1: our SEALs have penetrated undetected the enemy waterways. Disembarkement has begun!" [OOC: Invasion starting now, C1 safe]
15-10-2011 00:52:59
Game Date: 13-12-0028
Usl: "Sir, our SEAL squads are expected to land in 10 minutes. No incident reported so far. We will get them totally unprepared."
14-10-2011 19:52:48
Game Date: 12-12-0028
radu: if you find a rosto, it would be nice to post on the forum, in that htread
14-10-2011 19:44:22
Game Date: 12-12-0028
13-10-2011 22:26:43
Game Date: 09-12-0028
radu: we will have a little contest tomorrow, in case you didn't read the announcement:
12-10-2011 02:45:04
Game Date: 02-12-0028
Selain: No more monsters will spawn! Have fun and good luck!