Last 10 Announcement's

20-10-2011 07:08:51
Game Date: 04-01-0029
radu: server update in ~30 minutes
20-10-2011 01:34:29
Game Date: 03-01-0029
Wizzy: All invasion monsters have been spawned! Good Luck and have fun!
20-10-2011 01:27:40
Game Date: 03-01-0029
Selain: Dragons are making thier way to North Redmoon!
20-10-2011 01:17:58
Game Date: 03-01-0029
Selain: A Horde of Giants are making their way to Hurquin. Hopefully the gnomes can hide!
20-10-2011 00:25:43
Game Date: 03-01-0029
Wizzy: Invasion in 15mins, South and North red moon, and Hurquin, no caps!
20-10-2011 00:15:12
Game Date: 03-01-0029
Wizzy: Invasion in 30mins, No caps, Islands of South and North Redmoon, and Hurquin will be invaded.
20-10-2011 00:14:32
Game Date: 03-01-0029
Wizzy: The moon is turning red! Red Moon Islands will soon be invaded my angry monsters, with a chance of Hurquin getting in the mix...Newhope is psychic
19-10-2011 05:15:05
Game Date: 30-12-0028
Acelon: Details here:
19-10-2011 05:15:00
Game Date: 30-12-0028
Acelon: Do you have a flair for creativity? A knack for writing? Then we want you to be a NPC writer for the game!
16-10-2011 22:31:13
Game Date: 21-12-0028
Lucaa: MM cap has been lifted.